The Earth hears the music of your emotions


Charocharkh group was formed in 1393 and started their professional Career in designing and creating delicate ceramics from the fall of 1394. The group originally consisted of Shahrzad Hezareh Nejad, Khashayar Beytari and Danial Rezvani, who together crafted ceramic dishes not only modern and fitting of the daily life but also inspired by native craft. From the fall of 1396, Shahrzad Hezareh Nejad and Khashayar Beytari continued leading the production of Charocharkh.

Char-o-Charkh in the word means the furnace and the pottery Wheel , the term “Char” stands for the four elements of Nature (Wind, Water, Earth and Fire) and “Charkh” is the wheel that turns the four elements and holds them in nature’s balance.

With running our clothing industry line on 2019, We start to create hand made clothings with brand of “Charopood” . Charopood focus on simple and creative fashion with organic and eco-friendly materials.

The main goal of the artistic group of Charocharkh is to create quality products with reasonable prices, making them affordable for everyone.



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No.555 , Beheshti St, Sepah St, Imam Ali Blvd,
Mehrabad, Roudehen, Tehran, Iran.